The Little Town That Could: Banning the Bottle in Bundanoon


The aim of this campaign has been to inform consumers about how harmful bottled water can be. We decided on this approach because it seemed to be the logical path with an achievable objective. We considered putting our efforts towards much more ambitious goals. But we thought, who are we? How big of a change can a little campaign like ours make? Well, this post has me reconsidering exactly what is possible when the desire is there.You probably haven’t heard of a little NSW, southern highlands town called Bundanoon. But that little town is one of only a handful of locations around the world to have banned the sale of bottled water!

That’s right, back in 2009 the town of just 2,500 made the collective decision to stop being pawns to the beverage industry and their marketing spin, and said, “enough is enough”. The decision came after it was revealed a Sydney company planned to extract water from a local aquifer, bottle it and sell it.

All six of the local stores removed bottled water from their stock and, even better, replaced them with reusable bottles. The town introduced public drinking fountains and filtered water dispensers so residents and tourists alike could top up.

So, it can be done.

A little more research, and it’s clear that many are doing it. From one-off events, universities and other educational institutions, to government property, it’s clear where there is a will there is a way.

Hopefully, by informing and educating, we can set you on the path of spreading the message and these initiatives will continue to grow. So we urge you to keep on reading and learning as much as possible so that you too can help in our fight against the bottle!


#backtothetap #betterthanbottled #choosetap

6 thoughts on “The Little Town That Could: Banning the Bottle in Bundanoon

  1. Good for them. I hope that it will eventually become like the movement to ban plastic bags; it took a while to get off the ground, but it is now gathering momentum rapidly and many countries have now done so.


  2. yes this is so good !! hopefully more places can make the change


  3. Good and encouraging news! So much respect to this little town for their effort in making our environment better. They have set a really good example standard to the world and other countries about their meaningful practice.


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