The Story Of Bottled Water

As you’ve probably realized by what we’ve been posting so far, there is a hell of a lot to talk about when it comes to bottled and tap water. Everything from the environmental impacts, to the marketing tactics of bottled water, to health concerns about fluoride and other additives. There’s a ton to know…So here’s something that may just be able to get you up to speed, quick smart. We came across this great video while reading @Zerowastechef’s fantastic blog about alternatives to plain old water. You should certainly give it a read too, especially if plain water isn’t your thing.

Host Annie Leonard does an excellent job at really cohesively detailing the major factors behind bottled water’s, admittedly, fascinating rise.

Leonard outlines how the beverage companies use what is known as “manufactured demand” to push what we don’t need and destroy what we do need. That is, changing our perception of bottled water as a completely unnecessary product and making us believe tap water should be “relegated to showers and washing dishes.”

In the end, she puts it down to three core tactics used by Big Bottle: They scare us, they seduce us and they mislead us. If you’ve been reading our other blogs, you’ll know just how true this is.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch the video and see for yourself. And be sure to share it around with your friends to spread the word get us #backtothetap.


3 thoughts on “The Story Of Bottled Water

  1. Great video, thanks for sharing


  2. Good video and explanation of the whole wretched process.

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