Fear Of The Unkown: Water From Source To Tap


Warragamba Dam: Home of Sydney’s water

Fear of the unknown is something pretty common.

And so, it’s no surprise that many hold reservations about tap water. After all, how does it get to us? How does water magically appear at the turn of a tap? And how can something so pervasive and, seemingly, plentiful possibly be held to rigorous enough standards that it is safe enough for us to drink? Thankfully, that is what this post is all about – we’ll be looking at how Sydney gets its tap water.

Tap water begins its journey as, of course, rain water! This water naturally finds its way to what are known as ‘catchments’, which are located in various mountainous regions all across the state. From here, the water is stored in 10 major and 11 smaller dams and, all up, contain a whopping 2,500 billion litres of water! The majority of this water comes from Lake Burragorang at Warragamba.8

When it’s called for, the water passes through an intricate system of pipes to make it to the filtration system. Cleverwater estimates that these pipes and those that take the water to your home, would reach to from Sydney to Los Angeles and back if laid end to end.

Highly skilled people work around the clock to ensure safe drinking water. At the filtration plants, Sydney Water filters every single drop to ensure it meets the Australian drinking water guidelines – some of the strictest in the world. These filters are continuously monitored with the best technology and cleaned every two days.

Here, a small amount of chlorine is added to ensure the water stays safe all the way to the tap. Additionally, trace amounts of fluoride are added to help prevent tooth decay.

9Sydney Water conducts up to 70 different laboratory tests from the Water Filtration plants to your taps to confirm the high quality of the water.

NSW health routinely reviews Sydney Water’s performance to ensure your drinking water is safe.

As we mentioned, it can feel a bit like magic, seeing water suddenly appear at your every whim. But as you can see, the truth is that your water gets to you and is safe because of the ingenuity and dedication of an enormous amount of people. This is no small operation. So, hopefully, you can put any fears you have to rest and get #backtothetap!


Sources: CleverWater  Sydney Water

Image Credit: Flickr.com/hohohob  Sydney Water

4 thoughts on “Fear Of The Unkown: Water From Source To Tap

  1. Good to see how much work goes into keeping our water clean. I think if more people knew the lengths they go to keep it safe, they’d be more likely to drink it.


  2. Didnt know that much of work have been done before every little drop of water coming out from the tap. Greatly appreciate their effort and we should be really cherish to every single drops of water. thank you for telling us this important information


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