The Great Taste Debate: Tap vs. Bottled



The Great Taste Debate

To have any hope at bringing about a change of some sort we have known from the beginning that identifying the contributing factors behind bottled water would be key. After all, there has to be some reason that we are paying 78,000 times more for water in a bottle than water from a tap!And what did we find? Far and away the most common reason for choosing bottled over tap was a dissatisfaction with tap water organoleptics. That is, the characteristics of water that affect the senses of taste, odor, and sight. Simply put, it seems people just don’t like the taste of tap. However is this really the case?

There have been numerous studies that have challenged this notion.

For example, a study conducted in France concluded that “most consumers cannot distinguish between bottled water and tap water when the latter is chlorine free”, while similar research conducted in Northan Ireland found that the “high consumer demand for [bottled water] must be based on factors other than taste or olfactory perception” because respondents couldn’t correctly identify bottled water.

Meanwhile, the Good Morning America show found that New York City tap water was preferred over bottled. Such was the case in a recent News Limited taste test which found that 68% of us liked tap over bottled. Around 20% of us couldn’t even pick the difference.

We’ve previously spoken about Penn & Teller, and their penchant for discrediting bottled water. This time, the pair found that 75% of the public preferred tap over the more expensive option.

So, we want to put it to you, find out where you stand and get some first-hand opinions. What do you think of tap water? Do you dislike the taste? Can you tell the difference between it and bottled? Is any dissatisfaction enough to push you to bottled? Let us know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “The Great Taste Debate: Tap vs. Bottled

  1. Once they’re both at room temperature I can’t even tell the difference.


  2. I’m actually quite similar. That’s why it’s so crazy to pay for bottled!


  3. This might sound weird, but I actually find bottled water too clean. If that makes any sense. Maybe i’ve just become accustomed to tap


  4. I find filtered tap water to taste the freshest and pure. Although, the same can be said for bottled water. But, I guess it’s also not that distinguishable because I’m not consciously thinking about taste differences when drinking. I definitely prefer tap water, though.


  5. Interesting topic. Some water bottling companies use tap, so it’s no wonder people can’t tell the difference! However, I struggled very much during my travels abroad because of the taste of water. At home I trust the water treatment systems but abroad there was a metallic taste no matter what! Perhaps it was chlorine, but I tasted something funny even in bottled water.


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