Celebrity Tap: Have a drink at Selena Gomez’s house.

We previously spoke about some of the crazy marketing tricks that go into bottled water, and now @Canitau is showing how sometimes those tricks can be put to good use!


Hi Everyone,

It’s hard to avoid packaging. In western society, it seems to be everywhere we go – whether it be plastic, glass or aluminium. It seems the human desire to package food and beverages have reached new heights than ever before and today we don’t only use packaging to protect food and beverages we also use it to advertise.


This campaign was for UNICEF and was called “Celebrity Tap” and it offered a range of exclusive bottled water that comes straight from the tap of certain celebrities taps, such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift.


A collection of famous tap waters. It’s just like your water but only famous.”

The campaign mocks the Westerns world commercialisation of bottled water and the ridiculousness of designer water bottles – with classy glass bottles and an etched profile of the participating actress/actor. – This campaign to me is so…

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