Back To The Tap: The Campaign So Far


The aim of this campaign is to educate. Educate everyday folk to the harmful consequences that a simple bottled water can have on both the environment and the back pocket. So, it’s a great pleasure to see the progress we are making. We have just begun our fourth week of solid campaigning and this seemed like an excellent time to give all you, our followers, a bit of an update on how things are progressing.

Firstly, before we look at our standings, we wanted to give a bit of a report on the goings on in the bottled water ‘space’.

As always seems to be the case, fluoride has once again been in the news. Calgary, a city that unfortunately made the decision to remove fluoride from its water supply, has been debating whether or not to re-introduce the compound. Health officials reported a spike in children with dental cavities since fluoridation was ceased. Let’s hope they make the right decision. Elsewhere, a study by the National Health and Medical Research Council made the rounds in the media, once again reaffirming fluoride’s benefits.

Also, this week we saw a number of articles highlighting just how clever (or ridiculous) the marketing of bottled water is. “Celebrity” chef, Neil Perry, announced he’ll be selling filtered tap water for $9.50 at his flagship restaurants. While Business Insider revealed some alarming facts that manufacturers are getting away with.

In more positive news, Gippsland Water tweeted out a helpful little video about why you shouldn’t be worried if your tap water looks a little milky after you turn it on. (It’s just air in the pipes)

Now, about us. As we mentioned things have really been picking up steam over these last four weeks.

After starting out at zero, we’ve managed to amass a health following of over 160 people on our Facebook page. While our Twitter following continues to rise with 179 now backing our cause. We’ll be looking really add to those numbers in the weeks ahead. Here on the blog, things have been going from strength to strength with each new post.

We’ve really been focusing on making connections with other likeminded causes to make your access to info all the easier. After reaching out to Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering at UNSW, Stuart Khan, we were able to link up with some prominent names in the environmental and science spaces including Lauri Kinnunen (20k followers), Julie Leask (3k followers) and Shaun Frankson (85k followers).

Additionally, we’ve made useful relationships with other tap water advocates including; SoCalTapWater, YesToTap, GippsWater and TapItMetroDC. Likewise, we’ve been interacting quite a bit with some similar causes including @Canitau, @Taxthebagblog, @Cooldowndenial@strawnomoreblog and @cheerstowater

Over on Facebook our posts have been getting a great amount of attention. Particularly our first TAP FACT (Be sure to keep an eye out for more of those in the coming days and weeks), our environmental special and a glimpse at one environmentally conscious student.

So, overall things are looking good here at Back To The Tap. But we’re not done yet. Keep a watchful eye on all our channels to keep up to date and so you don’t miss a thing. We’ll be looking to continue to expand our influence and to further educate about how beneficial it is to go #backtothetap


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4 thoughts on “Back To The Tap: The Campaign So Far

  1. Congratulations with your campaign! Loving your progress so far.

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